Hcs 341 Week 1 Assignment Healthy

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 2Human Resource Management“The purpose of human resource management (HRM) is to operate in organizations by focusing on recruiting and managing employees, career development as well as maintaining an effective workforce (Heathfield, 2011).” “HRM can also play the role of line managers and handleissues associated with individuals involving benefits, communication, recruitment, compensation, retention, employee motivation, organization development, performance management, regulatory compliance, safety, and training (Heathfield, 2011).” HRM is important for creating a successful system that helps managers, employees, and new hires communicate and interact with each other to reach organizational goals.“Organizations use HRM professionals to advance, succeed, and overcome challenges developing in current society.Even though organizations are facing economic, environmental, organizational, and individual’s challenges as well as experiencing layoffs and cutbacks, most analysts’ predictions conclude that the health care industry will become the fastest growing segment of the economy and will create several new jobs (Heathfield, 2011).” Human Resource Management RolesThe human resource management role in the health care industry involves developing and planning strategies to overcome challenges concerning the shortage of healthcare professionals (Heathfield, 2011). HRM is responsible for recruitment, hiring, orienting, tracking and training of employees' performance, management, compensation, labor relations, and termination. Every role and responsibility of HRM is essential to the success of the organization and its employees. HRM in the healthcare industry uses advance technology and resources to attract other HRM employees, promote work areas

Human Resource Management Roles The presence of a HR manager in a health care facility is essen±al in delivering eFec±ve services. There are certain roles speci²c to a HR department in health care. It is an important task and area that has to be covered to make sure that there are quali²ed employees to handle the all the jobs needed for all avenues of pa±ent care. ³rom the administra±on part to direct pa±ents care. There are other func±ons that the human resource department handles from sta´ng and placement to legal research. It also helps managed the en±re employee staF and the important decision making aspect for the company policies. The most important job of the human resource department is to make sure that they recruit quali²ed individual for all the jobs needed. To screen the applica±on polls so the most quali²ed individual are set up for interviews by the hiring manager to choose from. With dealing with many diFerent health care

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