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3909 North High St
Columbus, OH43214
(614) 645-2275

One of my favorite libraries in the city! This particular location is my pick up station for many books that not many other libraries have. Close to home and close to the Park of Roses this location is great to visit in all seasons. They have kids activities, lab areas and some special events and screenings. During summer they have special performances and showings in the park. So keep your eye out for this one.

I'm giving this library branch the benefit of the doubt - three stars rather than two. Perhaps it was the crappy weather (sleet/drizzle) and the fact that I was wearing heels. But it started off on the wrong foot when I couldn't find a convenient parking spot. I'm used to being able to park and get into our libraries with ease (except Westerville library). This library is adjacent to a community center or other busy building. I parked in a spot closer to the other building than the library. I had hoped they had a little coffee shop inside like some of the other Cols. libraries have - NOPE. The library is one of the older ones - and clearly had not been renovated (yet?) like most of the other older buildings. Once inside, I used the restroom (stinky and little cramped) and then proceeded to look for a spot to plug in and work. I found a table and chair easy enough. The library was somewhat busy - teeming with noisy kids. I didn't plan to stay too long so I didn't look for a quiet spot. Overall the noise level was rather high - relatively speaking. I did what I had to do, packed up and moved on. On my way out, I did notice that the parking lot was still packed. So it must just be that way all the time. This location will not be added to my frequent flyer list.

Love this branch. The whole Columbus library system is leaps and bounds ahead of Virginia. There are lots of kids playing before noon. It's a great place to take my daughter to hang out. The staff is awesome as well.

This used to be my branch, and I'm glad when I get the chance to stop back. It was right on the busline along High, so when I was in college I would ride up here for an afternoon. The building is getting a bit old, but it's still cool. Selection is decent. Staff are friendly. Park of the Roses and the bike trail along the river are out back, so sometimes I stop in on a ride. This time I came in to check out some magazines; selection is okay. Support your local library! For yourself and your community, read. It makes you smarter.

Another nice library in town, this one has a small town feel with all the advantages of the great CML. It is clean, inviting, warm and cozy and has an awesome staff of helpful pros. Servicing Clintonville and Beechwold, this branch is found at the entrance to Whetstone Park. It is everything a neighborhood library should be, living up to the ideas of Ben Franklin. It is great for a short trip to do research, or to pick up a title, CD, or movie for a warm night at home. The interior is standard library with no interesting architecture or decor. But out front in the greener month is a beautiful crafted garden they may make one think a art gallery is here. It can be seen by wide windows from reading tables and periodical bringing a nicely lit scene as you read. The place also has a nice size community room perfect for a medium size event--if been to presentations, meetings, and lectures here. (They also have very comfortable reading chairs--if you are a teenager--for they are in the youth-only section. This is a bummer for me as when I was a youth the comfortable chairs were for adults. Such is the plight of my generation--we can never win.) On the downside their collection is small which means you may not find a desired title, or it may be out and you may be far on the list. Of course you can get it shipped from another branch. The magazine selection is not as extensive as other places in town--such as UA main branch. Parking here is easy with Whetstone park lot spanning the back. There is also ample bike racks. Their back vestibule has a useful community messageboard, and free tabloids are there for the taking. It is a strong community centric asset off High Street.

The parking lot here is annoying But that won't keep you from enjoying Their super selec- tion and that's not to men- tion the friendly folks that they're employing. So I decided I'd attempt to write a limerick or other type of verse for all my Yelp reviews for 2016. Does that make me a big nerd? Oh yes, absolutely. I mostly use the library for audiobooks because when it comes to the texty kind, I like to hang on to them. Speaking of hanging on, it takes a while to get through an entire audiobook when you're not on a road trip and don't have a regular long commute, so it will sometimes take a few of the three-week circulation cycles for me to return one that I have out. The autorenewal system is one of the fantastic inventions of the 21st century. Thank you, technology. Turns out, though, that when your materials are on loan from another library, that autorenewal email you're so used to getting might actually be an overdue notice. So don't forget to actually read the email even if you think you already know what it says. You can't see it from where you are, but I'm nodding sagely as I type that. The parking lot is a bit awkward. It shouldn't be because it's pretty sizable and not (too) weirdly shaped. But there are places (such as by the tennis courts) where you'll drive over half a dozen parking spaces before you realize they're spaces. It doesn't seem like there would be enough space for two cars driving in different directions if those spaces were filled. And there's that unexpected little alley that I'm *sure* half the patrons go down the first time they come because they don't realize the only thing you can get to there is a book return bin. I have never hung out at this library -- I just kinda browse the shelves, find my audiobook, and check out -- but it's had some recentish remodeling that looks very nice, and there are tons of tables and chairs that are usually occupied. I've never had a negative experience with the staff. They were awesome when I got my library card and awesome when I accidentally returned an audiobook with a disc missing (I got paged on the speaker; that was kind of exciting in a weird way). I've ordered a few items through their interlibrary loan at times, and though the process itself is more about the CML system on the whole rather than this particular branch, the staff was very helpful in showing me how to locate the items that had come in the first time I had to. There's so much that's automated now that you can spend hours there, check out an armful of items, and never speak to a staff member the whole time. My initial emotional response to that is disappointment because it makes you wonder if it's one of those "machines taking over people's jobs" things, but I think, rather, it means that when you do have something to ask them directly, they're more available and less harried. And they are readily available if you need help understanding the computer systems.

Love this location. Always has staff at the front to help renew cards, accept fees, or point you in the direction of the items you want. Lots of self checkouts available. I think I've only had to wait once or twice to use them. It's super easy to reserve items online for pickup at this location. Reserved items are shelved alphabetically under the last name of the reserver. You can even reserve music if you don't find something you like here.

I refuse to give any of the COlumbus Librays less than 5 stars since I just love the way they operate. The staff is always nice, you feel welcome, I love the self check out and the calls when the books or DVD's i have ordered are waiting for me. The selection here was a bit less than other places when it came to books and DVDs but we still managed to find some great stuff. Also great that you can "read off" your fines ($8 an hour!) which came in handy when we found out that DVS must be returned within 5 not the 7 days we thought, but they will be chaginging it to 7 in October. This was was bustling with kids learning, tutors teaching kids about reading, you just get such a good feeling being here and seeing that the world is not all about violence and videogames. Perfect way to spend a chilly sunday afternoon.

I really like this location, especially in this weather. For you see, every time I go in it's hot as Hades. Perhaps it's from staying bundled up, walking there or a combo. Regardless, the layout's great but I'm not crazy about the "New" section being by the front door. Many libraries do this and yes, I get it-"come see the new books!" This library has a little more entrance space than most so they can get away with it a little better. Last time I was in I noticed they had gotten rid of several of their "self-checkout" computers, unless they moved them. Not crazy about this decision. I love grabbing my requested books and getting out (when I'm in a hurry, not that I hate libraries.) A lot of parking and several drive-up book drop-offs. Definitely a plus.

This was my home library for the first year and a half of my time in Columbus, since it was located within easy walking distance of my two residences. Although small, this library is packed with new books, CDs, non-fiction, fiction, two sections of public computers, a homework help/job search center, and a children's area. New books are strategically placed near the front door, and are being constantly refreshed. The main reference desk is within easy eyesight upon entering, which is great if you need help and don't want to wander through the library trying to find some assistance. There are separate paperback collections for romance, science-fiction, fantasy, and so on. There's also a small biography collection and large-print items, as well as audiobooks. The DVD and CD collections are not extensive, but you can pull items from any other Columbus library to be picked up at the library of your choosing. There is also a quiet study area tucked way in the left back corner. One quirk of this library is that the children's non-fiction is shelved with the grown-ups non-fiction, so if your child is doing a report, you may need to help them sift through the books for something at an appropriate level. This branch is pretty busy and doesn't have extensive seating, so apart from the quiet study area, it's not really a great place to sit and read in a relaxing manner. However, there is the park just outside, and the roses a short walk away.

I love the Columbus library system--awesome selection of items. The Whetstone location is small branch that's easy to navigate. I hate what they've done with parking over the years- - I always feel like I'm going to wreck my car when I go there. Because of this, I usually end up parking across the street at the church. This branch is not the place to go if you're looking for a quiet place to study/read/write. There are usually a lot of kids around.

This is actually a great branch, but I have to dock a star for an experience, the last experience, in fact, that I had here this past year. I had checked out a fairly large book on real estate and was returning it after having to renew a few times. When I took it in, the librarian pointed out some water damage on the upper right corner of the book. I honestly have no recollection of any event that could have lead to the damage, but since I also couldn't confirm that the damage didn't happen while the book was under my care, she ordered me to buy the damn thing. Now, when I say the upper right corner, I mean the upper right corner. Even if the damage happened under my care, the book was in no way unreadable. The print wasn't even affected. I expressed my concern that it could have happened while checked out to someone earlier, and she said that they mark the books when they come back damaged, to which I replied, "well that's not to say that someone who didn't think this minor, cosmetic water damage was an issue might have checked the book in last time without marking it." She asked "how would you feel if you went to check out this book?" "Are you serious?" I replied, "I think I'd say 'sweet, I've been wanting to read this.'" The main reason I haven't been back is the distance from me, but this experience has definitely been a factor.

This is the branch I visited the most during college, and the selection is above average compared to most of the surrounding branches. Of course, since CML is awesome, and you can have any book sent to any location, selection isn't that big of a deal. So here are the two reasons it lost two stars: 1. The computers are always taken. I'm not sure I've ever seen an open computer here during the afternoon hours. That might not be the library's fault, but it still makes things difficult if that's why you're visiting. 2. There is an unidentifiable stench that has lasted ten years. I was here two weeks ago and the same stank that bothered me in 2001 remained to this day!

The Columbus Public Library system is amazing, but this location is even more awesome and the reason for that is the people who work here. Recently, I came to the library and picked up my reserves and a few books I saw while browsing around. I read 2 of the books and was on the third when they were due back. I went online to renew them and realized they hadn't been checked out on my account. I was going to call them after work, but I didn't need to. Because that afternoon, I got an email from a customer service rep who asked if I had ever come to pick up my reserves because they were still showing as on reserve and never being picked up. I told her yes and she said she would check them out to me and give me an extra couple weeks to finish them. I just thought that was really kind of her to reach out to me and give me some extra time. This library doesn't feel like it's apart of this huge city wide library system and I love that. I love seeing families walking here and enjoying books together and I hope to one day be able to do that with my family. Love love love.

There is no question Columbus residents are spoiled when it comes to its libraries. It is very rare that any book, CD or DVD that I want isn't part of its massive collection, and you can have anything you like shipped to your nearest branch via the easy-to-use website. The system is also responsive to requests to purchase items, and you can return items to any branch. The Whetstone branch in particular, the branch I use the most, is an excellent library in itself. There are seven or eight self user-friendly checkout stations and a great selection of magazines and graphic novels in addition to the usual books, CDs and DVDs. The location is convenient and right next to Whetstone Park, which makes it easy to drop your books off on the way to that frequent summer destination. My only beef would be a persistent stench that permeates parts of the library, but I guess that's what happens in public buildings that don't check patrons for deoderant use.

The Whetstone Branch looks much smaller than it is. According to their Web site, Whetstone has 170,000 volumes, making it one of the larger branches. I would say, though, Whetstone is best for kids. It has a decent sized kids section with play area included. This branch is as active as some others with having weekly children's story times and periodic homework help center sessions. Posted on the walls when you first walk in the front doors, before you get to the inside doors, are upcoming events and activities for people of all ages. For the adults, there are lots of computers and even some much appreciated study desks with electrical outlets for your laptop. The only downfall is there doesn't appear to be a comfy couch or chair in the non-kid section to leisurely sit and read a book or magazine. What I like is that it may is fairly open spaced so you can freely move around. Whetstone is also quiet and not usually crowded. If I don't have my laptop I can often just sit down at a computer rather than having to reserve one. Another plus is it's next door to Whetstone Park. So after you've checked out your books, you can go play tennis or throw a Frisbee or if it's summer you can gawk at the roses.

I love this place! It's near the community center. It's near a walking trail and a great park. They have a lovely selection of books. The staff is always so friendly. It's a great library.

Columbus doesn't realize how good we have it when it comes to libraries. This place is great, well-staffed, organized, and very well-stocked when it comes to a branch of the big library. I love going here and so does my son.

I volunteered for a period of time at the Whetstone Branch and was very impressed by the staff as well as the setup of the library itself. The staff are very kind and informative people who always try their hardest to help customers. I also know that while I was there the staff had their hours cut and their pay, yet they were still working at 150%. There were some of the best people I ever volunteered with.

The Whetstone branch of the library is near and dear to me. I've been going there since I was a short little munchkin (I have since grown out of that, but am prone to little outbursts once in a while). Their selection isn't excellent, but the premises is cute and comforting. The children's section is the best part of it, by far. It's a large chunk of the place, and is brightly lit and well laid out. I grew out of it way too soon. They have a whole bunch of computers for kids with games on them, and things to play with.

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  • Shelving – Work with staff to get books in the hands of our customers. Limited positions available. Not available at all locations.

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