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Gender Role Analysis

SOC 333 – Genders in Society

Gender Role Analysis

The gender role has a great impact in a day to day life of a person. The gender roles can be observed in different aspect of society such as education, government and businesses. This study aims to deal with the educational materials which influence gender roles in the academy in terms of day to day interaction and communication. This also aims to understand the role of male and female in the government, papers and policies, and how these policies deals with the peculiarities among men and women.

Another, this will evaluate the gender roles in a work setting. This will look for distinctiveness between men and women, and their state in a given role. Fundamentally, the processes will help them profit better, affor benefits and deal with another sex or gender; there are businesses which provide time to deal with this issue.

Gender and its Role in Education

It was observed that gender

This Tutorial contains 2 Presentations


Create a 3- to 5-slide presentation, using Microsoft® PowerPoint®, or another multimedia tool with speaker's notes, on Andrew Jackson and his presidency. The Title Slide and Reference slide do NOT count towards the minimum slide count requirment. 


Choose one of the following events and locate a political cartoon (not simply an illustration) to represent that event (Your cartoon should serve as the main focal point of your presentation):

  • Nullification crisis
  • National Bank
  • Panic of 1837
  • Indian Removal Act

Provide a brief synopsis of the event, and answer the following question: How was this event representative of Jackson's presidency?


Cite your sources consistent with APA guidelines.


Present the Andrew Jackson's Presidency presentation via detailed speaker's notes that explain what you would say if you were actually presenting the assignment to the class


Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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