Easyjet Vs Ryanair Analysis Essay

Ryan air is an Irish airline competing in the fairly recent development of the European budget airline industry. They are one of the key players within the market, and perhaps the most profitable.

This report undertakes a detailed study of Ryan air. It looks at Ryanair's current strategy and the management of that strategy. It identifies how the business' operations and functions impacts on the carrier's customer relations and leaderships with regard to their overall strategy.

"Ryanair does not publish a formal vision or mission statement, but in accordance with Jack Welch's advice, "Strategy, then, is simply finding the big aha and setting a broad direction..." Michael O'Leary's broad direction, communicated in public statements, is to simply continue to be the largest Low Cost Leader in the European airline industry and to carry 73 million passengers in the fiscal year 2010/11. Implementing this vision is a function of many individual tactics, including an absolute dedication to low cost performance in every element of the value chain, quick gate turnarounds, nonunion operations, performance-based incentive compensation plans, standardization on one type of aircraft, and flying (in most cases) to secondary airports, which provides significant savings for Ryanair."

The objectives and structure of this report will consist of four main sections which will enable a strategic direction to be recommended to Ryan air:

As everyone in this world prefer for the low cost airlines and many airlines do have adopted this strategy and have been a boom. In bigger markets, premium airlines have the disadvantage over the low cost airlines are that premium airlines will never get their costs to a point where they can make a profit at low fares. One of these low cost airlines is the Ryan Air which is an Irish airline company and the first low-cost airline.

In July 1985, Ryanair has started their operation between Waterford in the southeast of Ireland and London's Gatwick airport. Catlan, Declan and Shane Ryan are the three founding shareholders of Ryanair. The basic idea was to offer low-cost no-frills services between Ireland and London. Now, Ryanair have made their position in its own field, being "Britain's favourite airline". Ryan air currently has a team of more than 7,000 people and expects to carry approximately 73 million passengers in fiscal year 2010/11.

The strategic position of any organisations is evaluated by certain factors which are included below along with the environmental analysis which will be followed later.

To the market segment Ryan Air claimed that they were 'Europe's first no frills airline'. Due to their increasing competitive edge, Ryanair made the strategic decisions to attract customers at both ends of their routes. Haberberg and Rieple (2001) supported Ryanair by enticing passengers from France, Italy and Scandinavia. This had increased their market share as well as added the bonus of creating a well recognised brand name across Europe.

"Where the objective has been defined in advance and the main elements have been developed before the strategy commences is a prescriptive corporate strategy where as an emergent corporate strategy is one whose final objective is unclear and whose elements are developed during the course of its life, as the strategy proceeds". Lynch (2000)

As is shown above by Lynch (2000) the two recognised strategy models are extremely different, however these are the two dominant strategy approaches as stated by Dennis Foster in his lecture on Managing Strategic Change (2006).

So it is safe to recognise that Ryan air does not follow either of the strategy. As a whole, however certain aspects or functions make up the carrier but for an organisation of Ryanair's size different parts would have different aims and objectives underneath a main umbrella strategy for the organisation.

For example, Ryan air would follow the prescriptive model for any planning undertaken for the new routes or planes as the objective would have been defined beforehand and elements such as finance will have had to have been agreed before any purchasing goes ahead.

On the other hand the training and development will follow the emergent strategies where elements can be discovered along the way for example if staff needed more health and safety training then the training programme could be redirected.

The Ryan air as already stated follows neither of the strategic approach religiously but possesses a strategy which is unique to their organisation, which has identified their needs and objectives. However their approach to strategic management isn't unique in itself as the majority of organisations will tailor strategies to suit their business' own individuality.

As the number of low-cost carriers has grown, these airlines have begun to compete with one another .The main competitors of the Ryan air are carriers including Easy Jet, BMIbaby, Fly Be and Thomson Fly who by emphasising their low cost tickets try to attract potential customers. This makes the competition in this market segment fierce as in order to offer the lowest fares, costs must also be kept to a minimum.

Despite the presence of other low cost airlines in Europe, Ryan air continues to maintain its leadership of the lowest cost airline in Europe. The advantage of this company is its ability to drive down the cost as lowest fares at the same time are profitable. This is done through:

1. Fleet Commonality

The airline's fleet uses the single type of aircraft made up of Boeing 737, which reduce the training and servicing cost. This type of aircraft is commonly used.

2. Contracting Out of Services

To reduce their costing and providing good customer service, Ryanair contracts out of services like baggage handling, ticketing, aircraft handling, and other functions to third parties. But firm have maintained their staff and services on the Dublin Airport, this is the exception. By doing contract out of services, company is able to obtain competitive rates and multiyear contracts at fixed prices, limiting exposure to cost increase. It also helps Ryanair's to employee responsibilities and potential disputes.

3. Destination

As the airport includes landing fees, passenger loading fees, aircraft parking fees and noise surcharges so in order to reduce this Ryan air flies to many regional or secondary airports in a point to point model rather than traditional model. This model will further allows the airline to offer lower fares due to the lower landing and handling costs.

4. Staff Costs and Productivity

A performance related pay structure was followed by the firm in order to control employee compensation costs although the company provides lower labor costs, but based on their performance the employees can earn additional pay.

5. Advertisement

Ryan air uses newspapers, radio, television and its website as their main advertising tools and reduces the market cost by cutting the rates on commission to the travel agent.

2.0 External analysis:The external environment awareness is necessary for the success within the airline industry, this section aims to highlight the position of the industry, in particular looking at competitors and assessing Ryan's capability to meet current and future challenges.

2.1 PESTLE Analysis

PESTLE analysis means analysis of Political, Economical, social, Technology, Legal and Environment factors. These are the six main macro external factors. We can examine these factors in order to realize Ryanair's future external and opportunities.

PESTEL FactorKey PointsImplications for RYAN
PoliticalHeavy regulation (AEA, 2009)

Increased security due to past terrorist threats (DFT, 2008).

Global economic crisis: World growth is projected to just over 2percent in 2009 (IMF, 2008). Pound weakens especially against the Euro.
Compliance is essential if Ryan wants to continue operations.

Sufficient security measures should be in place to ensure consumer confidence and competitive advantage is maintained.

Possible reduction in the amount of business travel as companies are cutting costs and using alternative means of communication such as teleconferencing.
EconomicOil prices: declined by 50 % since their peak retreating to 2007 levels. Decline in fuel price = strengthening of the dollar (IMF, 2008)

UK consumer spending saw its sharpest decline for 13 years between July and September 2008 (Channel 4, 2008).
Fluctuations in oil prices and exchange rates will directly affect Ryan's cost base.

More intense competition
SocialThe UK has an aging population (see appendix 3) (National Statistics Online, 2008).

Increasing unemployment (Kollewe and Sager, 2008).

A recent survey revealed that 34% of online consumers plan to use price-comparison sites more in 2009 (NMA, 2009)
Potential opportunity for growth as older generations has more time to spend on leisure activities such as international travel.

Increased bargaining power as an employer.

Increased consumer awareness and therefore bargaining power.
TechnologicalOnline booking services and check-in is becoming increasingly used by the airline industry.

Noise pollution controls, and energy consumption controls (DFT, 2008).

Limited land and for growing airports - Expansion is difficult at Heathrow as it would result in a loss in the London's Green belt area. (BBC News 2006)
Ryan must ensure that they remain up to date with these technological advances whilst avoiding becoming overly reliant, as this may isolate certain consumer markets (i.e. the elderly) who don't feel comfortable using such technology.

New legislation (e.g. Climate Change Bill) enforcing tighter environmental regulation may increase operational costs each year.

Limited capacity=> utilization of capacity.
Environmental/EthicalLondon's Green belt area. (BBC News 2006)

Consumers are becoming increasingly 'green' and more aware of the environmental impact of their actions.

Cancellations of flights and loss of baggage (Channel 4, 2008).
Failure to adopt an integrated environmental strategy could lead to a detrimental effect on the Ryan's reputation and income.

Such ethical issues could have a detrimental effect on reputation if left unresolved.

LegalRecognition of trade unions and industrial action e.g. Cabin Crew strikes.

Open Skies Agreement (AEA, 2009)
Good employee relations are essential if Ryan wants to avoid industrial action and interrupted operations.

Opportunity for Ryan and its competitors to freely transport aircraft between the EU and US.

In the airline industry, competition is very cruel especially after credit crunch in 2008. Due to recession companies are struggling to maintain their position as well struggling to survive in the airline industry. But we can also see these threats into opportunities. Ryanair has converted these threats into opportunities as becoming the most suitable company to gain advantages in the airlines industry. So this is one of the answers to the questions related to their future strategy and their position's of the future competition

2.2 Porters Five Forces

The main characteristics of the low cost airlines companies are reducing their cost as minimum as they can without compromising their customer service. It may be just one-side of them is their low fares.

One of the main strategies in Ryanair airline is no frills such as free food or any air-mile promotions. They prefer only Boeing 737-800 aircraft and their aircrafts seat density is very high. The bookings of the airlines are made through internet so there are no sales commissions and they earn huge amount.

Bargaining Power of Customers

As Ryanair is mainly low cost airline, therefore their customers are highly price sensitive especially during the recession times so it will be very easy for customers to change their airlines. In this era customer's knowledge about cost of service is highly and Ryan air does not provide customer loyalty but the bargaining power of customer is very low .Still Ryan air is able to maintain the cheapest airline in all Europe destinations.

New Entrants

As there are lots of barriers to the entry and the capital invested in this sector is very high so you should always take the flight authorizations. It is also very difficult to be new in airline industry as it will be hard to find the suitable airports for flights. It will also be difficult to take a place in current competition. Ryan air will not be affected by any threats by new entrants. Even the existing companies are changing their strategy or reducing their tickets price it won't affect Ryan air (Lufthansa).

Threat of Substitutes

One of the main threats of substitutes for Ryanair is Brand loyalty. As there is no brand loyalty for the customers then customers can switch to another airline without any hesitations and there will be no switching cost for the customers. So Ryanair has to overcome these types of threats by maintaining their brand loyalty to their customers.

Competitive Rivalry

As the market is highly competitive, Ryan air's advantages can be copied. In Europe it had been seen that there is an agreement made between Ryan air and Easyjet that not to compete head to head. However if any company decide to compete on the same basis as Ryanair it will be highly crucial for Ryanair. This will make Ryan air with heavy pressure on prices, margins, and hence lead to profitability.

3.0 SWOT Analysis:

Factor              Ways which factor applies to Ryanair

                         Marketing - strong branding and reputation, aggressive price strategy.

                         Low costing due to airport operator deals.

Strengths           Reputation as biggest budget airline.

                         Lots of publicity due to O'Leary and Controversial issues.

                         Cash tied up in purchase of new planes.

                         Entire company based on European low cost airline market.

Weaknesses      Shock profit warnings may have used cash reserves and weakened fiscal structure

                         Refusal to back down over issues such as EU Commission

                         Possible new routes,

Opportunities    New planes = larger capacity.

                         Advertising space on website and planes, more revenue

                         Competitors - BMI baby, Easy jet, Thomson Fly.

                         Economic recession would mean less

Threats             Disposable income.

                         EU Commission could put restrictions
                         on company if do not adhere to state
                         Aid rules.


Future Strategy and Recommendations

SMergers and AcquisitionsS

One of the most important corporate-level strategies is mergers and acquisitions in the new millennium as it is necessary for the firm growth and success. It is expected from Ryanair to acquire other companies in order to improve its capabilities and acquire more competitive advantage.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Ryanair, have sacrified its services and processes because of the commitment to low- cost airfare. As a potential source of competitive advantage, human resources are not seen that is the company does not seem to value its customers. It is believed that the company's human resources are the source of competitive advantages therefore human resources or the company's people are one source of sustainable competitive advantage. As we know in this era of fast changing environment the technological innovations and other strategies can be copied there human resources will bring sustainable competitive advantages.

Marketing Plan Strategies

In order to provide good customer services such as providing discounted flights and value promotion the firm should has a detailed plan for its strategic moves in the market to keep the competitive advantage at a stable mode within its competitors and will need to focus more on the core competencies that allow Ryanair to practically and wisely designs suitable airline operations within the bracket of their marketing network services in a market standard-based perspective. Ryanair should not stop to change their marketing plans or rejuvenate from time to time, they should be goal oriented in order to re-invent the performance process upon the upgrading of rules and regulations mandated by the state. In order to renew revenue generation Ryanair need to overcome the lack of product differentiation.

Operational Effectiveness

In order to be defined as an independent profit centres it is then recommended that Ryanair should outsources as many non-core functions as possible which can abandon peripheral services such as catering or ground handling services.


Based on the above analysis, it is highly recommended that Ryanair should consider the expansion in to haul markets - specially the transatlantic routes which accounts for more than 60% of world's air travel. Therefore moving in to this new haul market which has low fare strategy along with added service options. And also by introducing complementary goods and services through its web sites, the company can utilize its existing business as this will allow company to reduce its cost base per unit of customers.


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Source: Essay UK - http://www.essay.uk.com/free-essays/international-relations-politics/ryan-air.php

Strategic Management

Executive Summary

This report clearly states ryanair's long term vision by using different business models. Here it shows how management factors focus in order to see its position in low cost market. The Business Plan ranges from an industry analysis to an internal financial analysis. It integrates the impact of competition in the market of low fare airlines with our own financial capability

This material critically analyses the process of strategic management in the areas of nature of competition, the strategy, the strategy process, method of entrepreneurship and resources of RYANAIR. The analysis has been done by using some major theories such as macro analysis, balance score card, double loop learning of Ryanair.

Accordingly, this material primarily analyses the current business strategies of Ryanair to understand the nature of their operations. Subsequently, conducts a PESTEL analysis, Porter's five forces and value chain analysis to understand the environment of Ryanair, drivers of profit in the industry at present and the future and financial analysis. In addition to balance score card analysis also has been done to understand finance situation in the context of Ryanair and to evaluate its performance.

Finally, this report will recommend the recommendations where it's applicable. The analysis of this report was complete with the support of the case information provided and through industry related information from academic books, journals, websites and other publicly available secondary data sources.

1. Introduction

Ryanair started its operation in 1985. In the first year more than 5,000 passengers traveled between South Eastern Ireland and London. The company expanded continuously and 600, 000 passengers traveled per year in 14 aircrafts by1989.Past four years the cost increased substantially and ends up with loss of �20 million.

In 1990 the current CEO Mr. Michael O'Leary took over the management and conducted major changes in the company. Ryanair followed the low cost-low frills concept and reduces the routes from 19 to 5 by 1991. The company increased the fleet to 21 over the next 6 years and remarkable increase in passenger traveled in Ryanair due to its low pricing policy. European regulation restricted Ryanair to take advantage to implement low pricing policy.

Ryanair took full advantage in 1997 open new routes in Continental Europe due to deregulation of European Union air transportation regulation. Ryanair established 160 routes by 2001 and hubs established around the continent in London, Glasgow, Brussels, Frankfort, Milan, Now Ryanair is the most profitable and key players in the European budget airline market.

2. Identifying low cost airline's critical issues and core problem.

� Regulation by domestic and EU

European airline industry is always subject to regulation from both domestic and European Union. Before 1980 heavy restriction imposed by the individual countries to protect their national airlines. Towards deregulating industry Ireland and UK signed bilateral agreement. In 1997 EU also deregulate the industry and any European airline can operate anywhere within the Europe. Ryanair benefited by this move. Subsequently EU introduces competition law which it prevent taking state aid and commission. Also any airline having dominant position in the market should not abuse the dominant position. Ryanair affected by this rule

� Major airline's Charter operators and Franchises.

Charter carrier operators taken 25% of the market share in Europe. Major travel agents and major commercial airlines operators own charter flights. Small flight operators like Virgin Express has become franchise to major flag carriers. The independent airlines become franchise to major flag carrier. Ryanair and easyjet have to compete with each another as low cost budget carriers. Budget carriers cost structure doesn't allow these airlines to compete successfully on short-haul routes.

� Customer service satisfaction

Ryanair's secondary services are complementary meals and drinks, seat allocation and news papers. Ryanair eliminated traditional secondary service and take this opportunity to earn profit by charging fee for every in-fight service and other traveling expense as travel insurance, car hire, and internet. Ryanair is extremely sensitive in changing the fare value. Recently media announced that Ryanair is going to charge for lavatory service who are using in flights. (Refer appendix diagram 15)Although the Ryanair has remarkable track record for punctuality, flight completion the perception of the softer side of its customer service has not always been good with much bad media.

3. Objectives and long term vision for Ryanair.

Ryanair objective to operate the largest amount of routes with lowest fare compare without compromising low cost business model and quality of service in Europe. (Refer appendix diagram 1)

4. Purpose of this assignment

Purpose of this assignment is to analyze Ryanair's business model long term vision and submit a report to the management for the future planning in order to avoid any future threats and to bring success to the company. This report demonstrates

  • Ryanair gives complete details about current strategy and the management approach which impact on business operations and functions towards carrier's customer relation and the management must take actions to be strong in the low cost market.

  • The company's management team evaluates Ryanair's current strategy and takes preventive action to avoid any future threats in future.

  • Brief evaluation of Ryanair's financial analysis and how the environmental factors affect the European airline low cost industry.

5. Process of strategic management followed at RYANAIR.

Businesses differ in the processes they use to prepare and express their strategic management activities. The model enhances the development of strategy formulation skills by guiding the analyst methodical and broad study of each business situation. (Refer appendix diagram 2)

6. Method and theory used

Most of the strategies and theories used in this analysis are industry analysis, environmental analysis, and financial analysis. Briefly discuss about external environment (pestel, potters diamond and strategy drivers) industry environment (Michael porter five force model, strategy grouping) and internal environment (value chain analysis)

7. Strategic factors and capabilities

7.1.0 External environment

The PESTEL analysis & Michael Porter's five forces analysis clearly talk about external factors on Ryanair function and the strategies which are adapted by the organization. Hence, a good perceptive of Ryanair external environment will identify the opportunities and avoid threats (Refer appendix diagram 3)

An airline industry includes well established key players and to compete with each and other but Ryanair has high potential of attracting the market. Thus, the PESTEL variables in macro environment have major force on the performance of Ryanair. (Refer appendix diagrams 4 &5)

7.1.1 Internal environment.

This environment analyses about the strengths and weaknesses of Ryanair. This aspect talks about Ryanair internal factors like skills, competitors and capabilities. Its measures the Rynair's efficiency and effectiveness to acquire competitive advantage (Refer appendix diagram 8)

According to the value chain analysis it is mainly rely on Ryanair's primary and supporting activities. Value chain analysis creates a value for Ryanair. However, through this analysis it is clearly focus on quality of Ryanair. (Refer appendix diagram 7)

8. Industry analysis

British was the main airline in Europe until the arrival of low cost airline. Prior to 1997 one member European nation was unable to fly passengers among another nation's domestic market. The Ryanair had challenging task when they enter in the low-cost market and lot of obstacle to overcome. Nevertheless Ryanair able to penetrate into the market and maintained the profit with low cost. Within short period Ryanair became European favorite low cost carrier.

In 1990 Ryanair operates with 41 Boeing 737-800, 21 Boeing737-200, 06 Boeing 737-300 and 6 BAE 146. Ryanair operated approximately 475 short-haul flights per day serving 84 locations in the UK, Ireland and Europe. Ryanair became largest airline carrying more than 23 million passengers in 2004 and overtook low-cost airline Easyjet. Ryanair achieved USD 1.32 Billion in 2004 increase of 43% from the previous year. Ryanair create a strong brand name among the low cost airline in Europe. (Refer appendix diagram 5&6)

Ryanair having all Boeing aircraft, hence it has grater bargaining power from the supplier. In 2002 Ryanair placed half of its order towards increase its aircraft by 112 in the next 10 years. (Appendix 12) Also it planned to purchases technology more advance and environmental friendly Boeing 737-800 and retiring old Boeing 737-200.

Boeing737-800 reduces fuel burn and CO2 emission per passenger kilometer by 45%. Ryanair bought all Boeing 737-800 are certified for category IIIA landings (automatic landing with minimum horizontal visibility of 300 metros and where there is no vertical visibility). Also Ryanair has installed Operational Flight Data Monitoring (OFDM) system in all Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The use of OFDM system is to monitor operational trends and inform the management. The management able analyzes report and identifies any deviation from the normal operating procedure in order to ensure Ryanair's flight safety standard. Ryanair did not have any single incident injuring passengers or member of its flight crew within past 24 year's operation.

9. Positioning

Ryanair is the very competitive low cost airline in the Europe. Towards lower its cost Ryanair uses secondary airports whereas the closest competitor Easyjet does not. (Refer appendix diagram 10) Ryanair became no 1's in many areas.

* passenger traffic -over 23m for 2004 - over take Easyjet

* passenger growth

* European routes (149) and bases (11)

* Customer service delivery - punctuality, flight completion, and fewest lost baggage.

10. Process of strategic management followed by Ryanair

The Low cost carrier business model is highly competitive and the model enhances the development of strategy formulation skill by guiding business model systematic and comprehensive study of each business situation (Appendix 2)

11. External factors sharpen the competitive positioning the Ryanair.

There are not one but many factors which determine the strength of competition, the level of profitability of low cost carrier market. New entrance brings competition to the industry and risk of fall of market share and profitability.

12 Analysis.

12.1 External Environmental analysis

* European Union Regulations: The European airline always subject to regulation from European Union. By interfusing European Union competition law prevents getting state aid, beneficial relationship with airport operators. EU expects by introducing this regulation there will be healthy competition among flight operators. The well discussed fact that Ryanair's industry growth and very attractive low cost pricing achieved by favorable relationship with airport operators.EU commission in February 2004 found that Ryanair receiving illegal state benefit for its base airport at publically owned by Charleroi Airport (Appendix 11)

� Competition: Competition among airline careers increases after introducing the European competition law. This creates an environment for new low cost airline to enter the market. New comers could not last long due to heavy competitions on price. There are four main categories in the airline operators; they are flag carriers, Independent airline, franchises of major airlines and charter operators. The independent airline carriers include budget low fare carriers such as Ryanair, Easyjet. The low cost budget carrier's prices slightly lower than flag carriers. Flag carrier's uses independent carriers such as Virgin Express as franchises to compete the low cost airlines.

� External forces. Airline industry has always subjected any happenings in the world. Especially outbreak of foot and mouth in the UK, the SARS epidemic in Asia, Terrorist attack on 9/11, Gulf war, Economic downturn and recent volcano eruption in Island.

12.2 Internal Environmental analysis

� Human resources

Human resources are one of the most important function in a business. Ryanair is having more loyal and long standing service in the company. Because of the size of the company their total numbers of staffs are more than 2.300. The well trained staffs keep the company image in excellent position. The company keep the staff happy and motivated and the cabin crews running the flights smoothly and there is no any single bad incident from the inception. The company provide incentive and a share option scheme which encourage the employees to participate for the overall successes of the company. The company greatly depends on current CEO Mr.Michael O'Leary for any crucial decision taken by the company.

� Technical

The company is having all Boeing aircrafts and the company replaces the old Boeing 737-200 with new technically more advanced 737-800. It helps the company for easy training the pilots maintain the spare parts for the air craft. The company is having barraging power from the Boeing supplier to buy latest flights at cheap price.

� Shareholders

Ryanaor's strong position in the market increases the share value. The graph shoes how the share prices increases for Rainair with comparing flag carrier British Airways.(Appendix 3). At present Ryanair refuses to pay dividend to their shareholders or at any foreseeable future. There is large amount of excess cash with the company. Ryanair should distribute the dividend to shareholders in order to stock is more attractive for the investors.

12.3 Financial analysis

After Ryanair introduces low fare business model every year the number of passengers travelling increased. From 2002 the company starts to purchases fuel efficiency and environmental friendly Boeing 737-800 and starts to retire old Boeing 737-200. The company had more liquid cash in hand. In 2002 general demand for aircraft s has been very low. The company had good bargaining power and placed half of its Boeing 737-800 orders in 2002 with very attractive price.

Ryanair's main income is from the total number of passengers flown in the airline. The new Boeing 737-800 is having 189 seats where as old 737-200 have 139 seats. Due to very attractive ticket price over the other airline there is steady annual growth of passengers travelling by Ryanair airline in the existing routes. Ryanair has planes to open new rout in Europe and North Africa. Any passenger decrease in the new rout is well compensated by the existing routes. Other than main revenue Ryanair earn subsidiary income such as car hire, internet, and in-flight sales. Ryanair; s financial figures refer (Refer appendix diagram 14) in graphical format and % changes. Also refer the comparison Ryanair with other low cost carriers and flag carriers. (Appendix 10)

Aviation fuel is the main overhead for airline. Ryanair is hedging 90% of its fuel cost and any fuel increase is not affected the airline. Also new Boeing 737-800 is technology advance and consumption of fuel is low compare to 737-299. Raynair's ticket booking cost reduced due to 94% of the passengers' book their ticket through internet. Ryanair bought all new Boeing 737-800 Flights reduces maintenance cost, pilot training cost and the marketing deduced due to very popular Ryanair;s very popular internet site. (Refer appendix diagram 13)

13 SWOT Analysis

Ryanair operates over the past 17 years in the low cost carrier market. It created strong brand name and gain reputation in the European market with its aggressive pricing straggles More than 94% of the booking for the Ryanair is through internet. It improves the cost for ticket booking and eliminates need for the travel agent. Boeing 737-800 has high seat capacity. High demand helps the airline to fill the seat capacity. It create good image among customers due its punctual, high rate of flight completion and few baggage loss. The company has all Boeing flights, it easy for maintain stocks and low maintenance cost and easy for training the pilots. Return on investment is high due to high utilization of flights. The company has hedge aviation fuel price. Hence any increase in fuel will not affect the company. It has small head quarters in Ireland reduces its overhead cost.

Although the company has many positive sides it has some weakness also. Due to the company stubborn attitude slight incident gets more media coverage. Entire company depend on the European low cost market and restricted expansion in niche market, It extremely sensitive for the price change. Inconvenience for the customers who comes late due to the distance of some of the regional airport. (Refer appendix diagram 9)

After deregulating the transportation laws by EU there are lot of potential low cost market untapped. Ryanair operates within Europe the risk is less. Economic slow down really helps low cost airline due to the fact some of the some of the flag carriers customers comes to low cost airline.

There is threat on the low cost airlines are facing grater competition. Ryanair and Easyjet are curtailing each other growth. Flights are depend on the oil market The customer are vey price sensitivity.

14 Recommendations

Currently Ryanair is doing well but these are the recommendation I prefer for Ryanair to perceive in future. Ryanair's main aim is to remain fares low. Part of Ryanair's success is based on its operation and performance but not only that most and also the customers attracted by low price. O'Higgins (2004) stopped cargo service due to cut down turnaround time of aircraft from 30minutes to 25 minutes to magnetize more business travelers who required punctuality. But they lose �500,000 of revenue a year. Hence they have to consider certain amount cargo service.

Ryanair's innovating action creates future sustainability. In future if they found new routes reach places quick it will bring more tradition of getting more passengers for Ryanair. Ryanair for low cost uses secondary airport it will cause inconvenient for some customers to reach their place so they have to consider this point to get a solution for customers to reach their place easier.

Ryanair is highly price sensitive if they increase the price little bit then there will be a switching cost. So there is no brand loyalty. Currently the management announced that they increase the price for luggage and planes to charge to use lavatory. This will lead to passengers shift from Ryanair to another competitor. (Refer appendix diagram 15)

Ryanair has strict policies towards customer they need to change their perception on customers and wish to be more flexible in the future. Because strict policies will cause inconvenient for customers and they might change their mind set towards Ryanair.

15. Conclusion

Overall Ryanair is in good position and used good strategies which are implemented effectively and successfully. Ryanair mainly know about their environment and aware about their customers. Its main advantage basically it adopts changes which occur in the environment.

Ryanair low-cost concept reaches all the customers they willing to travel through plane rather than going by vehicles.

16. References

v Cavendish, Camilla, 'A policy that pretends we can all fly on the cheap is a policy that won't fly', The Times, 5 January 2006

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Source: Essay UK - http://www.essay.uk.com/free-essays/management/strategic-management-ryanair.php

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