Drunk Driving Opinion Essay Prompts

Drinking and Driving

Driving and drinking is among the worst habits practiced by people all over the world. People think that it is okay to drive themselves to town or even to their homes after drinking. However, this is one thing that leads to occurrence of accidents on our roads leading to serious consequences. Drinking and driving mostly occurs after partying with friends or even just having alcoholic drinks at the club in town. Most of the times when someone is under the influence of alcohol, they tend to think that they are invincible. This wrong choice, however, can lead to fatal consequences and should be addressed and avoided.

Effects of Drinking and Driving

The behavior of drinking and driving may result in various negative and devastating effects. For one, it is one of the main causes of accidents. A driver driving under alcohol influence is more likely to cause road accident as compared to one driving under no influence. In case of an accident, death may occur, reportedly in many countries across the world many deaths have occurred due to drinking and driving as a result of accidents. Those who are lucky to survive the accidents may suffer injuries including partial or total disability. Another effect of drinking and driving is the fact that when one is caught driving under alcohol influence then they get a bad record and apparently their reputation is ruined in a way.

Ways to Prevent Drinking and Driving

Due to the devastating effects that result from drinking and driving, it is vital to consider looking for ways that may reduce or better eliminate incidents of drinking and driving. There is the need to have citizens educated on the effects and consequences of drinking and driving. This way, they understand that driving and drinking is and should not be an option as it can be dangerous and even fatal. In case one is in a party or a club and, may take alcohol it is advisable to have a driver to drive them home. Alternatively, it would be better to take a taxi home as this would guarantee more road safety. One can also decide to spend the night in town or wherever it is they are partying from as this would be safer than drinking and later on driving home. Strict laws should be enforced in every country against drinking and driving.

Creating An Impressive Opinion Essay On Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a topic that can invoke a wide range of emotions in different people. In fact, anyone that might have been a victim of a drunk driver, as well as people who might have known victims of drunk driving, are likely to have very strong feelings on the matter. Nevertheless, even if you do not know someone who has been involved in drunk driving, you may still have pretty strong feelings of your own. In fact, drunk driving is an excellent topic when it comes to writing an opinion essay.

When it comes to writing about drunk driving, it is important that you think of a topic to write about which will help you to develop a high quality piece of work. For example, when writing an opinion essay, you may choose to discuss what limits should be acceptable when it comes to drinking alcohol and driving; for example, you may wish to argue that this should be zero-tolerance, and that people should not have any alcohol in their blood when driving.

Carrying out research to find good quality statistics to back up your arguments

In order to ensure that you are as persuasive as possible, it can be a good idea to carry out a range of research to find out any relevant stick statistics that can help argue the points that you are making. For example, you may wish to look at various police statistics, as well as statistics that might be published by a range of different motoring organizations. In fact, as well as looking for statistics in the country where you live, you may also wish to find statistics in other countries, particularly if they have different drink driving laws. This will help to give you a better understanding of what you are discussing, and will help to bolster your arguments.

Composing your paper

When it comes to actually writing the work, you will need to introduce the subject to the reader in your introduction. You may also have a variety of different sections to write, or you might only need to create a body section and a conclusion after this. If the latter is the case, then you will put forward any arguments in the body section, ideally using a new paragraph for each different argument that you wish to make. You will then use the conclusion to refer back to any of these arguments, and bring the work to a successful close.

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