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Web Editor Cover Letter

A web editor cover letter is expected to illustrate a professional attitude of the applicant. Any employer, while reading your cover letter will be looking for your potential in the information you provide in it. You are advised to choose the words and information very carefully and use a professional tone to highlight your skills that depicts your confidence.

As a web editor, a person works for developing the layout, creating and editing web content, managing blogs and forums, etc. You may have to check the quality of old content on the website and make changes in the information and language to make the articles relevant and reader friendly. You are also expected to initiate online polls and campaigns for a single client or various clients and websites. Web editors are sometimes referred to as content editors owing to the fact that most of their time is spent in managing a vast pool of content.

How to Write a Web Editor Cover Letter

To ensure that your cover letter conveys a positive message to the employer, keep it informative and precise. Never include facts that are out of context. For example, one may spend weekends working for charitable institutes or take part in community services. While this can be important while applying in an NGO, it is very irrelevant to the job of web editor. Similarly, your achievements in school and university will just consume time and space while serving no good. To know more about writing a perfect web editor cover letter, refer to the samples given below.

Web Editor Cover Letter Sample 1


Frank J. Martin
390, Templeton Avenue
Los Angeles, California 52710
United States

Date: March 22, 2012


Pamela B. Lawson
Recruitment Executive
Princeton Inc
1920, Fortress Avenue
Los Angeles, California 52715
United States

Subject: Application for the position of Web Editor

Dear Pamela,

While browsing the job postings on Tech Job Portal, I came across the advertisement posted for the vacancy of Web Editor in your organization. I find this to be a worthy opportunity where I will be able to provide my services for the betterment of your organization and clients.

I worked as an Associate Editor at Education Light wherein my job was to write and edit content for educational websites. After working there for five years, I was recruited at Technocrats Inc. for the position of Web Editor. I am currently handling a team of eight writers who write content for various websites. I am also responsible for supervising the work of graphic designers who develop illustrations for the websites.

I completed my education with an MA in English Literature from California university of Arts and Science. With a wide-ranging experience and relevant educational qualifications, I feel that I am competent enough to work for your organization.

You can contact me at the telephone number or e-mail address provided above. I will be pleased to have a conversation or meeting with you. Thank you for your time. Awaiting a positive response.

Yours sincerely,
Frank J. Martin

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Web Editor Cover Letter Sample 2


Elizabeth T. Marlow
14, Castle Drive
San Francisco, California 52418
United States

Date: March 20, 2012


Mary C. Craig
Recruitment Manager
Breeze Inc
21, Kroner IT Park
San Francisco, California 52417
United States

Ref: Arnold Thompson, Web Content Developer, Breeze Inc

Dear Mary,

I had a conversation with Arnold Thompson who works as a web content developer at Breeze Inc. He told me about the requirement of a Web Editor. I am interested and want to apply for this position. I would like to present a brief about my qualifications for this position.

I have been working at Pinnacle Web Solutions for the past seven years. I had been appointed as a Sub Editor and was promoted to the position of Editor when I completed two years. I handle a team of six writers and two graphic designers who develop the textual and graphical content. These websites host a wide range of content such as motivational articles, educational articles, short stories to name a few.

I graduated from California University with a Master's Degree in Mass Communication. I am comfortable to work on weekends and manage additional work responsibilities without losing focus on the core functions of the job.

Please feel free to contact me as and when you feel convenient. I look forward for a positive response from your end.

Yours sincerely,
Elizabeth T. Marlow

Photocopies of Credentials

A web editor cover letter should be effective enough to ignite a feeling of curiosity in the readers psyche. Follow the template of the samples provided above and rest assured; you will be able to impress the employer and secure your chances of interview.

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