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6 Things You Can Do to Set Up the Perfect Homework Station

Now that the school year is in full swing, you have probably found yourself trying to organize the perfect homework station for your kids. Creating a homework station that is functional and stylish is no small feat, either. As a parent you want something that works for your child- a place that is quiet and where they have enough room for all their necessary tools. Outside of parenting you want something that looks good, keeps things organized, and works well for your overall home decor. And as an adult you also want something that’s within your budget. Here are six things you can do to help you set up the perfect homework station for your kids, no matter their ages, your personal style, or your budget.

Six Things to Do When Setting Up the Perfect Homework Station

Part of your child’s success in school is giving them the tools they need to be successful in their work at home. As children get older, their work will become more intense which means they need a space of their own. However, parents want a functional space that also looks nice and keeps everything their child needs organized. Here are six things you can do to set up the perfect homework station so your child can continue to be successful at home and at school:

Make it a Quiet Space

One of the most necessary things you need for a perfect homework station is a quiet space. Research shows that all children, even at a young age, should have a designated quiet space to calm their bodies and their minds. The perfect homework station should include a space in your home that is known by everyone to be an area that is kept quiet. No music, toys, or playing should be allowed in and around this area. This will ensure that your child is more likely to stay on task as they complete their homework.

Make it Personal

Despite probably having a completely different idea on how to decorate the perfect homework station than your child, allow them to add little touches of their personal style to the area. These little things- a small pillow on the chair, a sign with their name, a picture board with a few of their favorite things- will really make them feel as if their space is their own. This will give them a welcoming feeling when coming into their homework station, and more likely that they will be happy to take a seat.

Get the Right Furniture

Proper furniture is key to setting up the perfect homework station. Your child needs a desk that is large enough to handle their workload, but you also want something stylish. The Candon Desk by Ameriwood is the perfect compromise. This desk has a large, smooth surface for a laptop, books, and other tools. However, it’s size isn’t overpowering and it can fit into almost any space in your home. The Candon Desk also has two storage areas for all your child’s tools and books. The drawer is a perfect place to keep pencils and other loose items. The two cubby nooks are a good spot for binders and notebooks.  The distressed brown texture and the metal legs offer a sophisticated look that you will love, making it the ideal homework station for both of you.

Keep it Organized

One of the biggest factors in creating a successful homework station is keeping it organized. Provide your child with the necessary items to keep their space neat like pencil holders and baskets. The Candon Desk by Ameriwood offers great spaces to keep your homework station perfect. The two open shelves allows space for binders or books, while the large drawer can hold loose items or larger books. You can even add a few organizational baskets inside the large drawer to better serve your child’s needs. A stylish lamp along with a few cute baskets will make it a space that your child will love to use.

Make it Comfortable…But Not Too Comfortable

The key to making your child want to use their homework station is to make it comfortable. But be careful not to make it so comfortable that they fall asleep! A comfortable chair along with a supportive pillow will allow your child to focus on the task at hand instead of squirmy in their seat. And don’t feel as though a desk is the only spot your child can get some work done. Add a few large pillows on the ground to make a cozy spot where your child can kick back and read, too.

Have All the Right Tools Handy

The perfect homework station has all the tools your child needs to complete their tasks. Keep their pencils sharpened, have extra paper handy, and make sure things are in working order. If this is done on a regular basis you will find that your children are less distracted. They won’t have to continually stop their progress to get the things they need, and they will be more focused. This helps to create the perfect homework station because they will actually be able to complete their homework!

Creating the perfect homework station isn’t difficult if you are prepared. Functional and stylish furniture, along with making a quiet yet personal space with all the tools your child needs to be successful will make your child’s homework station something they will actually want to do homework in. Being in a space that makes them feel happy and comfortable will help them stay focused on their work, and it will make you happy to see them so successful.

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Whether you’re a sophomore in high school or a senior in college, your life is full of attending classes, working on homework, extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends, and squeezing in family time when you can. We all have so much going on and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of where you’re supposed to be and when.

Confession: I am a planner and organization junkie. I carry my LifePlanner with me everywhere, along with a bag of pens–for color coding. I also keep an electronic version, thanks to Google Calendar, and it’s so full it looks like confetti exploded on my phone/laptop screen. I’m telling you this because I understand how important finding the right planner is. Hours of research went into my first big planner purchase, and my guess is (if you’re reading this post) you’re a bit like me.

So, without further ado, here’s my list of the 7 best planners for students:

LifePlanner by Erin Condren

Price: $45-$65 + add-ons

The LifePlanner was my first mega planner purchase and I love it. If everything in your life is organized by color, this is the planner for you. In addition to interchangeable, customizable covers, you can also add on stickers of all shapes and sizes. Mine also came with a sample pack of stickers and a movable ruler/bookmark. You can also find stickers on Etsy that are the same size and shape of the boxes in the LifePlanner.

It comes in three different layouts: horizontal, vertical, and hourly. Each weekly page also has space for a to-do list, which always comes in handy.

Student Planner by Plum Paper

Price: $18 + add-ons

Plum Paper’s Student Planner would be excellent for any high school student or college student with a heavy course load. Each week is organized by day and class period (7 spaces available).

The nice thing about this planner is you can customize it to start at any month during the year. So, if you’re not satisfied with a previous planner purchase or you procrastinated and don’t want to spend money on missed months, go with this planner. It comes in 6 months or 12-18 months. So, you can also give it a 6 month trial run if you’re still not sold.

Academic Daily Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

Price: $58 + add-ons

Emily Ley’s Academic Daily Simplified Planner is full of inspiration quotes and gold detailing. (And we all need a little inspiration to keep going sometimes!) These planners are made for academic schedules (i.e., they run August-July). In addition to 6am-9pm hourly spots, there are also spaces for notes, daily to-dos, and dinner plans.

The design of these planners are classy-chic. One of my college friends swears by this planner. She just purchased her second one and doesn’t plan on changing it up any time soon.

Flagship Collection by Day Designer

Price: $59 + add-ons

If you’re all business and don’t feel the need to decorate every square inch of your planner, the Flagship Collection is for you. These daily pages run from 5am-9pm. Each day has a space for to-dos, gratitude, your top 3 to-dos, notes, and more. The Flagship collection is available in beginning and mid-year editions, each running 12 months.

If you’re feeling the need for a bit more organization in your life, there are also a plethora of free printables available. These include bucket lists, notes, organizing your week, gratitude journals, food and exercise logs, and much more.

Academic Daily Planner by Bloom Daily Planners

Price: $13.95-$26.95 + add-ons

The Academic Daily Planner comes in hard or soft cover, and a choice between a normal academic planner or a vision planner. The vision planner is organized to help you set and work towards your goals. The academic year planner also has spaces for your goals, to-dos, and a fun list of reasons for a party.

It also has an awesome academic scheduler placed in the beginning pages. There are places for time, class, professor name, and room, all by day of the week and term.

The Happy Planner-Student Edition by Me & My Big Ideas

Price: $19.99-$29.99 + add-ons

The Happy Planner is the creative student’s dream planner. You literally make it all you want it to be, and can add or remove pages at any time. It’s basically a scrapbook that functions as a planner.

One of my favorite things about this planner is you can actually go to a store and check it out. It’s also 100% customizable. You can add pages, bookmarks, inspirational quotes on tabs, and even clip in pictures. If you want to check it out in person, head to your local Hobby Lobby store.

Academic Planners by Mead

Price: $6.49-$14.99

During my first few years of college I relied on my Mead planners to keep my life organized. I started with the small, 4″ x 6″ size, and ended up with the giant 8.5″ x 11″. These are great planners because you can choose daily, weekly, or monthly layouts. They’re also extremely affordable.

Yes, these planners are a bit more subtle than some of the others listed above. However, if you’re feeling the need to spice it up a bit, you essentially have a blank slate that you can make entirely your own. Head to a craft store, buy some stickers and fun pens, and spend an afternoon decorating your new best friend.

Planners are as unique as the people who use them. Each one is loved and used in its own way. If you have a favorite that isn’t on this list, share it in the comments below!

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite planner accessories:

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